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The Event

High above the ground, you might see a few birds, a couple of planes, and on a good night, a hand full of stars. Well, we want to go a step further and grace the skies with our stars. Experience a night of live music, great food, and amazing entertainment. Starting with our munch and mingle, get a bite to eat before the night heats up with our Silent Auctions. To end the night, witness some of the best our studio has to offer. Relax and hold your seats and our aerial artist show you what some of your donations go towards. Some kids can only dream of performing on a stage with the big lights and soul-shaking sound. Your contributions help make that a reality for hundreds of students from all over the city. 



The Show

Ticket Information

Ticket information Available on November 19, 2021


Thanks to your generous donations, The Artz and YÜTH United Through HeARTZ (501(c)(3)) are able to provide an environment for our children that is far from what is supplied in traditional fun and fitness programs. We are able to provide a positive atmosphere with exceptional experiences that encourage friendship and confidence building. While the youth are taken care of, the senior youth (adults) can build confidence in themselves as well through our classes to build strength, concur fears and advance in their personal health.   


Proceeds from our fundraiser will supplement and fund enrichment programs for locals in the community such as our summer program, adult classes, Growin' Up Circus Company, and provide a foundation for our new facility which will afford our community with a ballroom, theater, classrooms, kids play space and more.

Please keep in mind that all donations will go to our 501(c)(3) nonprofit so all donations are tax-deductible.

Let's give our community more options to become and STAY active. With your help, all of this can become a reality. 

Thank you!

The Artz and YÜTH Founders

DeMarco and Tara Howard

Item Donations are Welcome

You are more than welcome to donate items towards our fundraiser. Trips, sports memorabilia, tickets, gift cards, services or whatever you feel would make a great item to raffle off. Click below to send us what you are willing to donate and a member of our team will get in contact with you.


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The Artz and YÜTH United Through HeArtz


The Artz - 1824 Spring Street, Suite 124

Houston, Texas 77007


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