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Gray has lost her color. Sulking and sad, she sits. Rainbow is determined to help Gray and figure out why she is colorless. Their journey begins.

Primary colors:


Red, Yellow, and Blue, are introduced to Gray by Rainbow. Reluctantly, the primaries show a little bit of what their colors can do. Gray and Rainbow are intrigued. Gray wonders if this is finally it. Can she get her color back?



Using her power of intimidation and strength, Red manages to scare off Gray, who feels too out of place in this color. 



The nostalgia seeping off this summer color is too much for Gray. She doesn’t fit here.



Sadly, there is no space for Gray in Blue either. Frustrated at their continued failure to find a color accepting of Gray, she blows up at Rainbow and storms off.

Primary 2:

Rainbow, in a last attempt to fit Gray in with a Primary Color, finds other Red, Yellow, and Blue members. Gray is once again rejected.



Gray is losing hope, that’s easy to see. In an attempt to cheer her up and not let her frustration with Gray get the best of her, Rainbow lets her know that they will not be giving up yet and she will do her best to restore Gray’s color. 

Black and White:

In contrast to Rainbows attempts, Black and White do everything they can to discourage Gray. She is told to stay in her place— there is no room for her here.




Gray finally reveals her struggle. She did once possess a color, but she was drained and eventually became…colorless. Rainbow is more determined than ever to help Grey rediscover her color and come to terms with her past.



The secondary colors surround Gray and show off their abilities. Each of them wants her to join their colors, but their pushiness only gets so far…



Purple's quiet power and loud calm is impressive, but not enough to change Gray's color.



Neither is orange. 


Green fights for Gray, but once again fails.

Secondaries 2:

As a last resort, a member of each of the secondaries tries to pull Gray in. Gray is defeated after still not changing colors.

Misfits 2:


After being rejected over and over again, Gray almost gives up… until a horde of misfit colors- Teal, Brown, Amber, and others- encourage Gray to keep going, and to dream big.



All the colors learn they are all made up of the same matter. Gray is as important as Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange or Purple. Gray finds her meaning.



In the end, Gray–through her struggle and strife--rediscovers herself and becomes Gold. Gold makes peace with her past (and the other colors), to begin living anew. 

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