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Growin Up Circus

Enter a world of high-flying entertainment, confidence building, healthy living, and extreme fun. Growin Up Circus is a performing company offered by The Artz where members age 7 and up have a chance to learn all aspects of circus. With performances in house and around the city this group learns new skills each and every practice, goes through strength building workouts and builds friendships and a community like no other.


Where else can you join the circus and still make it home in time for dinner?

Auditions are held twice a year and on an individual basis.

New members can audition or be invited to the team.

Contact us today for your audition. 


GUC is audition-based and not classified as a program that allows drop-ins. The program is a commitment that requires attendance on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays of each week totaling 7 hours a week.

GUC is billed on a monthly basis at a set rate based on how many classes are attended. 

A costume fee is required each year that includes company gear and all performance costumes as well.


For current members, click below to gain more information about what's going on with the team.

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