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Classes, Events, and Programs

  • Making a Class 

    • The Artz holds the largest capacity for classes in the city of Houston and with that comes the need to keep classes running smoothly. In order for a class to happen at its regularly scheduled time, the class must have 3 people enrolled in the class. This will ensure that the teacher has an adequate number to teach the class. Some teachers may choose to have class under the required number of students but that is a decision made by the teacher. 

  • Schedule 

    • Classes are held on a weekly schedule and can be found on the homepage of our website. Classes may be removed from the schedule at any time. If a class is removed, clients who are enrolled in the class will receive an email letting them know of the class changes. Waivers must be signed to attend any event, program or class at The Artz.

  • Adult Passes 

    • Passes can be purchased in a number of ways. Memberships, Class Packs, and Drop-ins. Each pass is designed to make it as easy as possible for clients to attend classes. Memberships are designed only for those who intend on being consistent each and every month. Class Packs are designed for those who need the flexibility to miss class here and there due to work, travel and other legitimate reasons. Drop ins are for clients to be able to drop into a class at their convenience. 

  • Kids Passes 

  •   ​Passes can be purchased in a number of ways. Semester Passes, Monthly Passes, and Drop-ins. Semester passes include            every class that is contained within that period of time. The also includes costume fees for shows that happen for applicable            semesters. Monthly passes are for those who need more freedom than to be locked in to 4-5 months of classes. Drop-ins are for      clients to be able to drop into a class at their convenience. 

  • Special Programs and Events 

    • Events and programs are offered at The Artz throughout the year. These events and programs must be signed up for and all the terms agreed upon to attend said event or program. Events such as Parents Night Out, ​The Aerial Haunted House, Camps, Date Nights, Workshops and more fall under this category.



  • Cancellations 

    • The Artz is proud to offer a range of different classes and with this comes many different teachers traveling from all over the city and clients doing the same. For this reason, classes must be canceled through Wellness Living no less than 2 hours in advance. Please note that we understand that things happen. Because of this, each client is given one pass for late cancellation. Once this pass is used, it will be noted on the clients account and cancellations after that point that are after the 2 hour requirement will result in a lost pass that can not be refunded, credited or returned. This policy is in place so we can make sure we have enough students for the teacher's time and so that if a student cancels, we can offer that spot to another student.

  • No-Shows​

    • A no-show is when a client misses a class without calling or cancelling on their own within the 2 hour time frame. In these instances, we will charge the client for the class and the credit will be lost.

  • Birthday Party and Private Lesson Cancellations

    • Birthday parties and private lessons are scheduled only by request of the client and are booked after confirmation with an instructor. Lessons and parties must be cancelled at least 24 hours before your scheduled booking. As stated above no refunds will be given. If the lesson or party is cancelled with at least 24 hour notice, the deposit can be used towards another booking. If the lesson or party is not cancelled at least 24 hours before the lesson or party begins, the deposit will be lost.

    • A deposit of $100 is required to book a party at The Artz. We can't secure a date or time until the deposit is paid. All deposits are non-refundable.

    • A payment in full is required to book a private lesson.


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