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Nutcracker 2023 Logo
Nutcracker 2023 Logo


December 6, 7, 13, and 14 2024

On Christmas Day, Clara and Fritza embark on yet another adventure. After and adventurous Christmas Eve, the sisters are back at it again. Now that the parents have had their party, the kids get to have all the fun in their Christmas Day Pajama party. Of course things get crazy and the sisters go at it again. Fritza breaks Clara’s nutcracker AGAIN, but this time Clara is ready. She brings out her new nutcracker and everyone is amazed. Of course things get crazy and the sisters go at it again. Clara suffers a head injury and enters a different type of dream. This time the Rats get their revenge!

The Rats ban together to avenge their fallen leader and end up taking Clara’s new nutcracker hostage. 

The alarms go off and everyone comes back together to rescue their new found leader. They all get instructions to come up with a plan to get their nutcracker back. Eventually they present their plans to the Sugar Plum Fairy and picks the best one to get the job done. Follow along and see which plan works and what the results are at the end. Will they get her back? Will they never see her again?

Today you find out!

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